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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 - 19:00
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Journal for Women's Studies: Alam-e-Niswan invites submissions for its 2009 Special Issue (vol. 16, no. 1, June 2009) on the theme of “Women Working Beyond Borders.”

Trafficking of women and girls and their migration to seek waged work has long been an important topic for feminist researchers, theorists, and activists. The number of trafficked and migrant women and girls has been increasing rapidly, especially in the last two decades. This is happening despite our knowledge that trafficking of human beings is a global human rights violation and is a contemporary form of slavery.

This special issue solicits writings that explore the issue of trafficked women and migrant women workers and examine the various related themes with an international and comparative perspective. While our empirical and theoretical focus is on trafficked and migrant women workers' experience, we also encourage submissions that draw linkages between women and other social and economic identities.

We encourage scholarly works from all disciplines, including (but not limited to): anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature, linguistics, women's studies, history, public health, public policy, philosophy, art history, business/marketing, information sciences, political science, communications/media studies, theatre, international studies, law, and education. Our aim is to reinforce links that integrate and bring closer researchers and activists in their endeavour to address the continuation of this inhuman treatment of women in the twenty first century.

Possible topics for submissions could include:

The sociological aspect of trafficking/ migrant women seeking work

Implications of women trafficking and its consequences

Commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking for the purpose of prostitution

Forced labour/ Forced migration

The exploitation of immigrant females for domestic services,

The sale of wives legalized by transnational marriages, mail order brides,

International trafficking prohibitions of the various international conventions,

The role of organized crime and corruption in trafficking in persons,

Trafficking in children: child prostitution, and the issue of sex tourism

Sex work, Prostitution, pornography and women

Conducting interviews with trafficked women

Reproductive health of migrant women workers and prostitutes

Protection of migrant workers

Family life of trafficked women/migrant workers/sex workers

Social issues: Transformation of family dynamics

Cartographies of trafficking cartography

Undocumented workers/ Migrant domestic workers

Migrant sex workers

Sexuality in Migration and sex work

Migrant women's networks

Impact of restructuring of the global economy and the transformation of national economies

Transnational prostitution as a form of female migration

Internal and international migration

Personal Narratives of trafficked women and migrant women

Emerging identities under fluid situations

Please note that these topics are intended as suggestions and not limitations.

Submissions should be previously unpublished and not be submitted simultaneously to other journals simultaneously. If your are interested in submitting an article for consideration please contact the editor on or . Papers should be mailed to the editor PJWS.

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