FIJI: Fiji Women's Group wants Involvement in New Government Income Generating Training

Radio New Zeeland International
Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 20:00
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The Fiji National Council of Women says groups like it should be involved in a new government scheme that aims to teach business skills to women.

The NGO's comments are in response to the Ministry of Social Welfare's Women and Poverty Alleviation plan which is focussing on individuals rather than groups.

It will partner with Indonesia to empower Fiji women in new income generating projects, such as seaweed processing.

The general secretary of the Fiji National Council of Women, Fay Volatabu says the Ministry's plans are good but it would be more worthwhile if women's organisations were involved.

“You have all these individual women and young women and youths who are being trained to empower themselves. But as a National Council of Women our issue is that you are training only one person. Whereas if it came to the National Council of Women, it would be training one organisation instead of one person. So you'd be helping more people in the process rather than just one.”