NIGERIA: Launch of the National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
The Guardian
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By the launch of the National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR 1325) in Abuja Tuesday, the UN and Nigeria are working to increase the roles of women in peace, security and conflict resolution in the country.

The Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajia Zainab Maina, noted that UNCSR 1325 was adopted on October 31, 2000, intent on recognising the significant roles that women should play in conflict management, resolution and sustainable peace.

“Though women are now major stakeholders in conflict prevention, peace-making, disarmament and security reforms, as well as post-conflict reconstruction, there is still insufficient opportunity for them to participate in decision making processes that affect their lives,” she said.

Maina urged government, civil society organisations, non-governmental bodies and those in relevant sectors of the economy to ensure the successful implementation of UNCSR 1325 because the roles of women in the society cannot be overemphasised.

In her address, UN women representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Dr. Grace Ongile, said it was sad that despite women's growing participation in decision-making, greater awareness about the differentiated impact of war on women and girls and the roles they could play in conflict resolution, women still do not enjoy full participation.

She stressed that national growth and development can be achieved when there is peace and security.