PAKISTAN: Women Urged to Play Role in Restoration of Peace

Sunday, March 18, 2012
Southern Asia
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General Women, Peace and Security

PESHAWAR, March 17: Speakers at a seminar here on Saturday urged women to play their role in restoration of peace by educating the new generation and keeping watch on the routine activities of their children to save them from falling prey to the menace of terrorism.

The seminar titled ‘Role of women in peace building' was organised by Pakistan Council of World Religions in collaboration with Pakistan Girls Guides Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Prof Hassan Kararvi, who presided over the seminar, stressed the need for creating awareness among people about importance of peace. He said that people belonging to different sects and religions should tolerate each other to restore peace in the society.

Referring to natural catastrophes like 2005 earthquake and flash floods of 2010, he said if people could die at the same time and same place then why they could not live together in the country with peace.

Prof Kararvi said that all Pakistanis were equal in status and they needed to love their motherland and work for its development and progress. Criticising the ruling clique, he said that those having dual citizenships were not sincere with the country.

Prof Qibla Ayaz, acting vice-chancellor of Peshawar University, said that as a whole the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were peaceful but owing to some elements the image of the province was tarnished. It was duty of both men and women to rebuild the image, he added.

He said that interfaith harmony was need of the hour. He said that men were incomplete without support of women in all fields.

In several countries, he said, women played vital role in restoration of peace.

Rabia Ali, DEO Education, said that all people should live and let others live without any discrimination of men and women to maintain peace in the country. She said that women could play important role in restoration of peace if given a chance in policymaking.

Fitrat Ilyas Bilour, vice president of Girls Guide Association, said that women education was a must for peaceful society.

Haroon Sarb Diyal expressed grave concern over the pathetic situation of the office of Girls Guide Association. He said that the girls could get complete training of handicrafts within six months but the government was least bothered to renovate the building of the office of association.

The centre, he said, had been established in 1962 and Fatima Jinnah was chief guest at its inaugural ceremony but after that successive governments never paid due attention to its renovation.

Mr Diyal said that with development of such institutions the government could control lawlessness as women could play significant role in that regard.

Idrees Kamal, Rohi Zahid, Fatima Noor, Sharda Haroon, Har Chander Singh, Akhtar Munawar Aisha, Charan Jeet Singh, Bilqis and Farzana also spoke on the occasion. They said that the entire region was in grip of terrorism in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular so it was duty of both men and women to join hands for restoration of peace and eradication of terrorism.