Training Course: The Role of Women in (Post)Conflict Areas

Sunday, October 19, 2008 - 20:00
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Reconstruction and Peacebuilding
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Training & Workshops

VoiceOver is a project intended to make opinions from developing countries heard in the Netherlands. Only too often is Dutch international policy based on our views of the world without taking the perceptions from people outside our country into account. VoiceOver deals with a different issue each year.

This year the focus is on "The Role of Women in (Post)Conflict Areas". What special role do or can women play in reconstructing their homes and their communities after devastating conflicts? What makes them different from men and what problems do they face in these, often unstable, environments? What role can Dutch development aid play and how should it take women into account? These are questions that can only be answered by people from these areas.

In order to give VoiceOver members a clear voice, we invite 35 people to participate in an interesting program from Monday 20 October until Sunday 26 October 2008 in the Netherlands. During this week, we offer them the opportunity to discuss your issues with (young) politicians, women organizations, Dutch civilians and the media.

Conditions for participation
1. You are available for the VoiceOver session in the Netherlands:- from Monday 20 October until Sunday 26 October 2008;
2. You are prepared to spend time during the weeks around the meeting on communicating with the other members of VoiceOver through internet.
3. You are prepared to cooperate with public media to create publicity for VoiceOver and you support the aims of the project.
4. You are at least 18 years of age and you are a national of a developing country as defined in the DAC list of the OECD.

Want to know more? Please contact:
Jurjen de Waal on, +31.20.5682119 or
Klaar Mous on, +31.20.5688743"

If you feel connected to this subject in any way and would like to participate in the program we would like to ask you to enlist for VoiceOver by filling out the application form on our website, HERE