New Interns

Grace Jennings-Edquist

Grace, who is currently following up her Law and Political Science studies with an LL.M in Public and International Law at the University of Melbourne, is particularly interested in international gender, human rights and humanitarian issues. Before joining PeaceWomen, Grace gained experience in these fields at the United Nations ICTY, the Melbourne Journal of International Law, the UN Youth Journal, Ms. Magazine, Sanctuary for Families New York, the Women's Legal Service Victoria, and human rights media organization Right Now. A big fan of travel, Grace has volunteered with grassroots organizations in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, and has spent time in The Hague, Los Angeles and London since graduating.

Rebecca León

A member of the Swedish WILPF section in Stockholm, Rebecca has studied International Relations, Latin American Social Studies and is currently attending the law programme at the University of Stockholm where she will receive a Masters degree in Law at the end of 2012. Rebecca has done research in Uganda on HIV/AIDS prevention and worked pro bono as a legal adviser in Stockholm. She has a strong interest in women's rights, international law and the Rule of Law and is currently interning in New York with Peacewomen at the UN office but will continue her internship in Stockholm starting from April.