BURUNDI: EAC Gender & Community Development Analysis

Thursday, January 1, 2009
East African States and Republic of Burundi
Central Africa

In its constant quest for sustainable solutions to issues facing humanity, Burundi recently joined the rest of the international community to proclaim its commitment to gender promotion as outlined in the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action, the Millennium Development Goals (2000), the New Partnership for African Development, the sub-regional treaties at SADC and COMESA levels, just to name a few. All those instruments underscore the cross-cutting nature of the gender issue and serve as important tools for signatory countries to integrate gender in their policies, programs and projects at all levels and in both public and private sectors. Burundi has rightly understood it that way because not only did it proclaim its support to the initiatives aimed at eradicating gender-based inequalities through its participation to the processes that led to the ratification of above-mentioned instruments, but also it has translated it into action in the national context as outlined in the following section.

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Republic of Burundi and Eastern African States, Gender & Community Development Analysis, 2009