Maximizing the Impact of UN Security Council Resolution 1325: 10 Years On

Friday, January 1, 2010
Robert Zuber, Nicholas Turner and Cristina Ayo

This brief assesses the 10 years since the adoption of SCR 1325. What has and has not been achieved, what lessons have been learned, and what best practices have emerged? Has the role of women in peace and security been influenced by the shift in the concept of peace and security from the traditional, territorial security approach toward less military, more human security approaches? what have been the short-comings in the implementation of SCR 1325? Were these shortcomings caused primarily by overly high expectations in 2000? Or has there simply been a lack of political will to implement the resolution?

The brief also suggests what can be done to energize and advance the implementation of SCR 1325 in the near future. Which new actors should be enlisted to help lead this process? What is the role of the newly established UN Women in this regard?

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1325 Maximizing Impact, T Z A, 2010