CONCEPT NOTE: A Caring and Sustainable Economy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Adelheid Biesecker, Priti Darooka, Daniela Gottschlich, Magda Lanuza, Marcela Tovar-Restrepo, Ulrike Rohr, Cäcilie Schildberg and Vivianne Ventura-Dias

"This publication would like to stimulate a broader discussion on how care and sustainable economy could be linked, both at the conceptual as well as on empirical and political levels. We are living in economies and societies in which we observe the exhaustion of natural resources, the destruction of biodiversity, and the expansion of greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, while there is increasing demand for care services, we assist to a continuing reduction in social service budgets, and the devaluation of care work. The crucial empirical (and political) question is how we can move from this type of economy to another in which care, as a societal value as well as a form of work, is fully integrated in the discourse of sustainability."

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