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“It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and to think about how you can start to make a difference, even when you’re a kid.”

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  1. Engendering the Peace Process: A Gender Approach to Dayton-and Beyond

    During war and armed conflicts, particularly internal ones, civil society is usually represented to a great extent by

    Saturday, January 1, 2000
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 299
  2. Social and Economic Situation of Palestinian Women

    In the first section of the report, we have first reviewed the more devastating effects of the Israeli occupation whi

    Saturday, January 1, 2000
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 641
  3. Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge: When Broken Glass Floats

    It has been twelve years since I came to America. From here, I look back upon a childhood consumed by war.

    Saturday, January 1, 2000
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 652
  4. Assessment Report On: Women's Participation In The Peace Process

    This report was prepared for the Sixth African Women Regional Conference held in Addis Ababa from 22nd-27th November

    Monday, November 1, 1999
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 398