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“It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and to think about how you can start to make a difference, even when you’re a kid.”

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  1. Monthly Action Points (MAP) for the Security Council: July 2012

    For July, in which Colombia has the Security Council presidency, the MAP provides recommendations on the situations i

    Sunday, July 1, 2012
    Monthly Action Points91 227
  2. MIDDLE EAST: Arab Spring vs. Women's Rights

    In the "Arab Spring" countries in transition, women are now marginalized or excluded entirely from politica

    Thursday, June 21, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 156
  3. IRAQ: Iraqi Women Fight For Their Rights

    Watch Euronews' video report on
    Wednesday, June 6, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 097
  4. IRAQ and KURDISTAN: Where Arranged Marriages Are Customary, Suicides Grow More Common

    With her father sitting nearby, 16-year-old Jenan Merza struggled to explain why she was lying in bed recovering from

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 098