Women in conflict and post-conflict countries face severe violations of both civil-political and socio-economic human rights. In protecting and promoting women's human rights, measures to prevent violations and provide appropriate redress must be strengthened as required under international human rights law.

Relevant clauses in SCR 1325 (2000)
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Relevant clauses in SCR 1820 (2008)

'Reaffirming also the resolve expressed in the 2005 World Summit Outcome
Document to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, including by
ending impunity and by ensuring the protection of civilians, in particular women
and girls, during and after armed conflicts, in accordance with the obligations States
have undertaken under international humanitarian law and international human
rights law'

Relevant clauses in SCR 1888 (2009)
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Relevant clauses in SCR 1889 (2009)
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NGOWG Checklist on Women's Participation and Gender Perspectives in Security Council Resolutions
Key things to look for, in Security Council resolutions, on the issue of peacekeeping include:

  • Does the resolution call for specific measures to strengthen local rule of law and human rights institutions, drawing on existing civilian police, human rights, gender and judicial expertise?