Resolution 1820 notes that sexual violence can constitute an international crimes (war crime, crime against humanity, or genocide) but it does not actually make rape or any other form of sexual violence a war crime, crime against humanity, or constitutive act with respect to genocide in international law.

Key Provisions of SCR 1820:

• “Stresses the need for the exclusion of sexual violence crimes from amnesty provisions in the context of conflict resolution processes” (OP4).
• Explicitly requests that the Secretary-General include information and recommendations on the protection of women and girls in his or her country-specific reports to the Security Council (OP9).
• Requests that the Secretary-General provide an extensive report on the implementation of Resolution 1820, information on the use of sexual violence (including prevalence and trends), strategies to prevent such violence, and benchmarks for measuring progress toward these goals. (OP15).
• Emphasizes the importance of women’s participation and reaffirms the importance of their role in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in post-conflict peacebuilding.
• Recognizes the importance of women’s full participation in peace and security matters (OP12).