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April 04, 2014 (The Daily Beast)
Taking their long-denied place at the table, women are proving deft negotiators at creating peace. Former U.S. Ambassador Swanee Hunt reports.
February 18, 2014 (Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy)
On 14 January 2014 the closing ceremony of the VII course on Women Leadership was held in the municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlan, in El Salvador. This post-graduate course on participation and leadership of women in politics was organized by the Association of Parliamentarians and Former Parliamentarians of El Salvador (ASPARLEXAL) in coordination with the Business Foundation for Educational Development (FEPADE), the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and Cordaid. The event was chaired by representatives of the Board of ASPARLEXAL, the Ambassador of Canada in El Salvador and representatives of NIMD, Cordaid and FEPADE.
February 06, 2014 (Chicago Tribune News )
Iraqi authorities are detaining thousands of women illegally and subjecting many to torture and ill-treatment, including the threat of sexual abuse, Human Rights Watch said in a report published on Thursday. Many women were detained for months or even years without charge before seeing a judge, HRW said, and security forces often questioned them about their male relatives' activities rather than crimes in which they themselves were implicated.
January 17, 2014 (MR Zine)
If regular armies are generally a man's world, guerrillas and insurgent forces are just the contrary. There women have always had a central role. Think of Agustina of Aragon, Olga Benário, Tania Bunke, Maria Grajales, and Celia Sánchez, or even (stretching a bit) the legendary Amazons. It is not for nothing that Liberté -- the allegorical figure depicted by Delacroix in the barricades of the July Revolution -- is a woman.
January 13, 2014 (Middle East Online )
Syrian activists said Monday that the voice of women from the war-ravaged nation must not be sidelined at peace talks due to start next week in Switzerland.
November 06, 2013 (American Friends Service Committee )
Conflict prevention and peace-building efforts will be unsuccessful as long as hunger, a lack of basic social services, and a lack of employment opportunities persist.
November 01, 2013 (Haaretz)
Israel joins 43 countries that have already come up with plans for enacting 1325, which calls for including women in all decision-making bodies, especially those dealing with security and peace.
October 29, 2013 (Huffington Post)
The issue of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict and crisis has been featured prominently among scholars, organizations and institutions alike within the past few weeks. During the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary of State John Kerry announced a new US initiative, Safe from the Start, to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian emergencies worldwide. Similarly, on October 18 both the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the UN Security Council adopted recommendations and resolutions regarding measures that states should take to ensure women's rights before, during and after conflict. The World Bank held a panel on development and gender-based violence on October 11, and the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion last week about the role of the US government, the UN and other key actors in combating sexual violence in conflict.
September 13, 2013 (Huffington Post)
I've been watching the news about the war in Syria with a mixture of anger and worry. Yes, I'm angry and deeply disturbed when I read about the thousands of people who have been killed and the millions displaced by their own government. And yes, I'm worried about the prospect of United States military intervention after a decade of war. But I'm also worried about how regional laws and U.S. law work together to revictimize women fleeing the trauma of war.
August 26, 2013 (Nigerian Tribune)
NIGERIA is set to launch national action plan for full implementation of the United Nations' Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on women, peace and security. The event, which will take place on Tuesday, at the National Women for Development Centre, Abuja, is expected to bring together various stakeholders from the 36 states of the country, international donor agencies, civil society organisations, United Nations, with Ministry of Women Affairs as key driver. Nigerian Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP), a programme funded by the Department For International Development (DFID), is supporting the Nigerian government on drafting, implementation and monitoring of UNSCR Resolution 1325.