CALL: for Writers 'Gender, War, and Peace: Untold Experiences'

Gender Across Borders
Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 19:00
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General Women, Peace and Security
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Appeals & Demonstrations

Gender Across Borders is planning a series about gendered experiences of war and peacebuilding.

The general public rarely sees a nuanced image of conflict situations. Typically, women are either labeled as victims or essentialized as peacemakers. Likewise, men are portrayed as perpetrators and power brokers. Between these one-dimensional categorizations is a more complex reality.

Gender Across Borders is soliciting articles that elucidate the untold experiences of women and men before, during, and after war. The topic of this series is intentionally broad to capture the multiplicity of roles women and men play in war and peace.

A broad range of material is welcome in this series, from personal narratives to academic essays to profiles that focus on particular people or events. Articles from around the world are encouraged.
Some topics to consider:
- Women confronting gender-based violence
- Masculinity and violence
- Men as victims
- Women in the armed forces
- Gender and the War on Terror
- Women mobilizing for peace
- Continuum of violence between conflict and post-conflict settings
- Women's participation in peace processes

Deadline to submit an article is November 29, 2010. To apply, please submit your article (300 – 1500 words) along with a résumé or short summary of interests and experience to Alicia at Articles should include relevant links that provide additional information and an image or video to run with the entry. No prior experience with blogging or professional writing is necessary.

Gender Across Borders anticipates the series will run on December 9 – 10, 2010. All contributors must be available via email for the editing and uploading process.