CAMPAIGN: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Center for Women's Global Leadership
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 19:00
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
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The Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) is pleased to share with you the Take Action Kit for the 2010 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign. This year's theme will begin to address structures in place that permit gender-based violence to exist and persist, starting with the intersections of militarism and violence against women. During the 2010 campaign, we will be exploring various definitions of militarism, the range of violations this ideology promotes, and the impact it has on our activism and on our ability to live in genuine security.

The emphasis of this year's campaign will be on collecting information from you about your individual and collective experiences of militarism, which will help to inform and develop future 16 Days Campaigns. In particular, we would like you to tell us the issues you are working on related to militarism and why you have chosen to address these issues. Therefore, it is crucial that we receive your input and personal reflections throughout the campaign, as well as your responses to the questionnaire included in this kit. As a demonstration of global solidarity, we are also encouraging campaign participants to plan vigils and peace marches for November 29th as part of a Global Day of Action Against Violence Against Women & Militarism. We hope you will find the enclosed campaign materials helpful as you plan your events for this year's 16 Days Campaign.

For more information on cover letter, theme announcement, campaign profile, key dates, a guide to planning your campaign, bibliography and resource list and more click here.