Commission on Population and Development

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Established in 1946, and expanded to address development issues in 1994, the CPD is composed of 47 Member States which play and advisory role to the Economic and Social Council. As a commission, the CPD serves as an informational centre on issues of population and development, advises and contributes to the formulation and implementation of population and development policies and programmes, and monitors the implementation of related national, regional, and international commitments.

Women, Peace and Security

Issues of gender gain relevance to the CDP's work in the fields of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. The Commission's gender-disaggregated data and subsequent analytical, programmatic, and policy work, however, do not visibly integrate the women, peace, and security perspective. Based on our research, there are no action plans/policy/work on implementation of UNSCR 1325 by the CDP.

Source: Commission on Population and Development

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