HAITI: Justice - A Woman Named Vice-President of The CSPJ

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Haiti Libre
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On Monday, the President Michel Martelly, accompanied by Me Jean Renel Sanon, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, has proceeded with the installation of the judge Wendelle Coq, unanimously appointed Vice-President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), replacing Judge Antoine Norgaisse, whose term has expired.

In the presence of the Dieuseul Simon Desras, President of the Senate, Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon, President of the Chamber of Deputies and Me Anel Alexis Joseph, President of the CSPJ, also President of the Court of Cassation, the Head of State began by welcomed the arrival at this position of the judge Coq, whose appointment is in perfect harmony with the policy pursued by the current government to involve women in equality with their masculine counterparts to all functions of public administration.

President Martelly, After drawing up the remarkable career of the judge Coq, from the Court of Appeals of Gonaïves until the Supreme Court, hoped that her presence contributes to achieving the development efforts of the institution.

For her part, the new Vice-President has promised to commit fullyf or the well-being of the institution.

While regretting that the CSPJ was found in the center of political debates,that prevent it to focus on its core task of reforming the national judicial institution archaic and outdated, the Head of State asked the judge Coq, and other members of the Council to use their sense of public good and their patriotism, "to dedicate and work on the emergence of a sound judicial institution, stronger and more responsible.'