HONDURAS: Young Feminist Speaks Out against the Honduran Coup

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Central America
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

In the midst of a women's human rights mission to Honduras, August 17-21, Carrie Wilson of JASS interviewed Lidize, a young Honduran member of Feminists in Resistance. This alliance of feminists and women's organizations is actively resisting the coup of June 28 and demanding a return to democratic institutions.

Feminists in Resistance worked with the Petateras, Radio Feminista, JASS and other allies, to mobilize the human rights mission along with an Observatorio de la Transgresión Feminista (Feminist Resistance Watch) to accompany the Honduran women in solidarity, and to document and increase international awareness of the impact of the current political crisis on women. This video vividly conveys the urgency of both the violence and the women's brave resistance, as Lidize explains how women protesters are targeted by the police, emphasizing the importance of democracy for women's rights, and the mobilization of young activists.