INTERNATIONAL: Turkish Women Protest War

Saturday, September 1, 2012
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Even as the armed insurgency rages on in Syria, miles away in Taksim Square, Istanbul, one women's group is making its voice heard through a peaceful demonstration in Turkey.

With war so close to home at its borders, spokeswoman for the group Women against War, says an important voice is suffering.

The group says far beyond war, Syrian women's voices are not heard in the telling of other atrocities suffered at the hands of the demons war creates.

Refugees who continue to flow in to Syria will have to face the uncertainty of a Turkish Government, as the country's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's calls on the U.N. Security Council, to set up safe zones inside Syria, have fallen on deaf ears.

Diplomats have said Turkey cannot handle more than 100,000 and is already nervous with the 80,000 refugees inside, and 4,000 more coming everyday…

Untold stories remain, the group says, because false calls for peace are being revealed for what they truly are.

As the discontent among Turkish Citizens continues to grow, along with the number of victims from the war raging on in Syria, this one group is adding its voice, saying it is standing up to make women's voices heard, lest it be forgotten.