MULTI-MEDIA: Wanted: Photos from Cyprus Peace Process

Cyrpus Mail
Friday, August 8, 2014 - 20:00
Western Europe
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The Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) is organising a photography exhibition next month within the framework of the ‘Where are the Women? Capturing the Gender Dividend in Cyprus for Peace and Beyond' project, that seeks to raise awareness on the representation or the lack of women in the peace process.

CCMC is looking to source photographs of different aspects of the peace and reconciliation process as seen through the eyes of Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot and international journalists and photojournalists. In particular, CCMC invites submissions that capture official talks and the negotiation teams, the technical committees and working groups, peacebuilding and activities of civil society activities, and missing persons and their families.

With the permission of the photographers themselves, CCMC said it will modify the photos with graphics posing poignant questions and sending out positive messages for a more participatory reconciliation process with the active involvement of women. The “Where are the Women?” project, funded by the US State Department, aims to get more women substantively involved and participating in the Cyprus peace building and reconciliation processes at the grass-roots level.

For information and to send in photos, contact Hazal Yolga or Giorgos Andriotis on +357-22-662269 or email or