PERU: IOM Peru, Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations Sign Cooperation Agreement

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
South America
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

IOM Peru and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations this week signed a cooperation agreement that will allow for increased cooperation in projects aimed at protecting the human rights of vulnerable populations, including migrants, displaced persons, victims of human trafficking and armed conflict, and to respond to emergencies.

“We are raising our voices against corruption and organized crime, to let them know that we are creating strategic alliances to better combat the trafficking of boys, girls, adolescents and women, as well as other vulnerable populations,” said Doctor Ana María Jara, Peru's' Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations.

IOM Peru is currently implementing an important pilot initiative called Caravana de la Vida or Life Caravan, a mobile health clinic in the remote Amazonian province of Madre de Dios, which provides much-needed health care to vulnerable populations living in remote towns and villages.

The Madre de Dios region is experiencing a dramatic increase in internal migration. An estimated 30,000 people have migrated to the area to take part in illegal gold mining activities. Many of them are living in spontaneous camp sites and small mining settlements that lack basic hygiene and health services.