SOLOMON ISLANDS: Government Defies Agreement: Delma

Monday, July 26, 2010
Solomon Star
Solomon Is.
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The Solomon Islands government defied and agreement signed with the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (United Nations CEDAW) when they refuse to allow women 10 temporary seats in parliament.

Speaking to journalists during the Media Association of Solomon Islands' (MASI) 6th media forum, interim president of the TP4 political party Delma Nori said she is surprised the government signed the agreement and does the opposite.

"The agreement stated that the government must not discriminate against a way for women to be in parliament. I'm very surprised that Solomon Islands signed the agreement and they themselves are discriminating it," Mrs Nori said.

TP4 political party in its platform said it will approve 10 temporary measure seats for women throughout the country.

Mrs Nori disagreed with claims by previous speakers of the forum Fred Fono and Mathew Wale that 10 temporary seats is too many a number.

The two male speakers and leaders of other political parties said they would only approve three or four.

The proposal failed to make it through parliament.However Mrs Nori said 10 is not too many.

"Infact Solomon Islands is a male dominated society and 10 is not too many."

She said appointing women is the best possible way because it ensure women appointed are capable of leading.

"Going through the democratic process is quiet difficult so I think appointing women is the best way.

"Appointing will help women to choose women who are capable and have the capacity to be in there, but after all its only a temporary plan."