SOMALIA: Peace-building programme for women launched in Puntland

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Eastern Africa
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African Development Solutions (ADESO) has launched a project for more than 300 women in the Puntland region of Somalia to promote women's political engagement, Uganda's Daily Monitor reported Tuesday (September 18th).

"This project will provide consistent capacity development over a period of two years through technical support, institutional capacity building and training on various thematic areas, including policy, advocacy and conflict resolution," ADESO said in a statement.

This initiative, implemented in co-operation with the Puntland Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs, seeks to incorporate women into the Somali political process, as they are currently under-represented. "Against this background, this initiative intends to improve women civil society representatives and councillors' ability to contribute to, and implement, peace and development policies and monitoring and evaluation," ADESO said.

In addition, ADESO said 100 men will also receive training on inclusion of women in local governance issues, decision-making and peace processes.