UGANDA: Uganda Government Told to Review Resettlement Process

Monday, November 15, 2010
Daily Monitor
Eastern Africa
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Uganda's Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga has called for a review of the resettlement process in northern Uganda and asked the government to invest more in post-war healing programmes.

"The Uganda government should not care more about constructing roads and classrooms in post-conflict areas but also think about the lives of post-conflict victims," Ms Rebecca Kadaga said.

Ms Kadaga was speaking during the review of the 10 years of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 during a workshop that was organised by Care International in Kampala.

She said: "The victims go through a number of challenges which the government must address for example how many of the victims are accessing medical services. We need to do more as government and not leave the work to NGOs."

The UN Security Council adopted resolution 1325 to address linkages between women, peace and security in war and post conflict.

Ms Kadaga also called for increased women participation in the local and international peace-keeping roles in war and conflict areas.

"What is annoying is that it is the protagonists who decide on what should be done yet the victims of war are not involved. We have experiences in Liberia and Congo where those who are keeping peace are the ones causing conflict," he said.

Se asked the government to recruit more police surgeons to ensure that women get more medical attention. intended for the use of the stated recipient only.