VIDEO: ''Another War'' - A Documentary on Sexual Gender Based Violence

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 19:00
Western Africa
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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
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The compelling film brings you the voices of rape survivors, frontline health workers, emerging women activists, Liberia's Chief Prosecutor for sexual assault crimes, the Minister of Justice, and the Gender Ministry's GBV Unit.

Another War follows 20 year old Liberian university student Kula Fofana on her journey as she seeks to understand the realities of life for those that have survived physical and sexual violence in Liberia and try's to understand the beliefs and causes surrounding sexual violence.

The level of violence against women in Liberia has remained alarmingly high since the end of the conflict, even as the nature of violence has changed. What has also remained is the impact of such high rates of sexual violence. For many such survivors they have been forced to live alongside known perpetrators; whilst others have been disowned by their families once it became known that they were sexually assaulted. Alternatively other survivors have deliberately chosen not to return to their former homes so as to avoid such traumatic situations.

In 2005 the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 90% of the female population in Liberia had experienced sexual or physical violence during the war. Today, GBV is perpetrated by intimate partners rather than rebels or paramilitaries, but it remains brutal and widespread. Many women and girls have been excluded from the benefits of Liberia's peace and instead endure a daily fear of being beaten, raped or otherwise abused by men in their communities or families.

For many women and girls who experience the trauma of sexual violence, they are further violated by being shunned by their families and excluded by their communities who blame the survivor rather than the perpetrator for the violence. For many Liberian women and girls the war in Liberia continues.

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