Wipsen - Africa Boost Girl's Empowerment

Saturday, October 26, 2013
The Informer Monrovia
Western Africa
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
General Women, Peace and Security

WIPSEN-AFRICA is a leading women-focused pan African Non-government Organization with the mandate to promote women's strategic participation and leadership in peace and security in Africa.

It visited several high schools in Barclayville and Greenville cities, conducted field assessments and Inter-generational dialogue with girls in various high schools within the two cities.

Speaking on the topic: "The Young Girls Transformation Leadership Initiatives," the Program Officer of WIPSEN- Africa Madam Loretta A. Pope said dialogue with young women and girls in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties is to identify and select potential girls and women of their communities in order to participate in the area of training and serve as mentors as well as peer educators to other girls in the counties.

She pointed out that the project focuses mainly on young women and girls because they are known to have limited opportunities to enhance their job readiness skills after graduating from high school.

The general objective of the training is to enhance the leadership skills of young women and girls to enable them become active agents of change in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peace building in their communities and country.

According to her, WIPSEN - Africa seeks to encourage young girls to take advantage of the training that the organization is providing though out the fifteen sub-division of the country.

Madam Pope Further stated that since the organization was launched in 2008, it has successfully carried out the Young Girls Transformative Leadership programs in 12 of the 15 counties in Liberia, improving the education and leadership skills of young girls and women.