CSW 57 Highlights

CSW highlights from PeaceWomen team Perspective

PeaceWomen CSW intern team: Margaret Ruiz, Tuohy Ahern, Barbara Trojanowska, Ester Harrius

Quote:"Communicate, legislate, nobody can procrastinate, we start working today.”
- CSW event: Creative Energies to Respond to GBV

Quote: “When I feel frustrated I am not myself I am all of these people who have been struggling and fighting everyday to make a better world.”
- CSW Event: Both Men and Women Using their Inner Resources to Bring Change: Relearning peace

Quote:"We will never be able to achieve repatriation understood as the repair of the harm but let us do at least what we can."
- Elisabeth Rehn at CSW Event: A question from audience at "Achieving Gender Justice: The Case for Reparations": What should come first justice or peace?

Quote: “Immunity is not impunity!”
- CSW Event: The Whistleblower: Avenues to Accountability: Militarism, Trafficking, Exploitation, & Justice

Quote: “Security is not a universally "good thing". The concept of human security is often gender-blind. We have to ask two questions: Whose security and for whose benefit? What does security mean for women?”
- CSW Event: Human Security: the missing link between women's rights, conflict and peace

Quote: “Without participation of men it is very difficult. Men are also psychologically affected by the conflicts, they are perpetrators, but they are also fathers, sons and brothers.”
CSW Event: Sexed Pistols Reloaded: A Case Study of Sexual Violence in the Context of Conflict in the DRC

Some Overarching Messages from Side Events:

  • We need to find new ways to engage men and boys, we cannot end violence against women and girls alone
  • Justice was a recurring theme with emphasis on lack of prosecution for crimes involving violence against women, systemic impunity and in effective redress
  • Protection requires all segments of all sectors of society to work together to prevent violence against women
  • Violence against women and girls is a widespread global issue that prevails in every continent and every region around the world

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