Launch: Make Every Woman Count

PeaceWomen would like to draw attention to the launch of "Make Every Woman Count".

"Make Every Woman Count" (MEWC) actively promotes the empowerment and rights of African women and girls by raising awareness of the African Women's Decade (AWD) and by providing timely and accurate informational resources on our website. The MEWC website aims to be a comprehensive resource to, not only document the plight of women in Africa and highlight the African Women's Decade, but to empower women by providing various resources ranging from grants to scholarships (all located under resources). Make Every Woman Count has focused its work on 5 priority areas that are vital to women's rights and gender equality: Human Rights of Women; Women, Peace & Security; Violence Against Women; Political Participation; Economic Empowerment; HIV/AIDS & Reproductives Health."

"At MEWC, we believe that the African Women's Decade is an opportunity to highlight the difficulties women in Africa encounter, but it is also an occasion to celebrate the hard work and courage of African women and girls. This decade marks a new era for African women, where African governments must put their promises into action by creating effective programs and policies in order to empower girls and women's in Africa."