Mapping Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council

The NGO Working Group (NGOWG) on Women Peace and Security (of which PeaceWomen/WILPF is an active member) produces Monthly Action Points (MAP), which addresses pertinent issues on the Council's agenda, drawing on information provided by NGOWG members in the field about women's key concerns, then providing recommendations to the Security Council.

The MAP annual report serves as a shadow report to the “Annual Report of the Security Council” analyzing the Council's work for effectiveness through the lens of Women, Peace and Security, and providing recommendations and guidance for improvement.

Examining situations of political change, conflict and violence the 2011/2012 report “Mapping Women, Peace and Security in the UN Security Council,” examines the 12 month period from 1 August 2011 through 31 July 2012 and finds that though there are areas of significant normative progress, the necessary and consistent action by the international community remains acutely insufficient.