New and Returning PeaceWomen Team Members

PeaceWomen proudly introduce (and re-introduce) new members to the PeaceWomen Team!

Fiona Mcalpine

Fiona has been an active member of the Australian WILPF section in Melbourne, where she studies Law and works for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. She has worked in media capacity building in the developing world at newspapers in Cameroon and Nepal, and taught English in India and Cambodia. She holds a degree in International Studies and has an interest in women's rights, labour and human trafficking. She is posted in New York for three months to work with peacewomen at the UN office.

Isabelle Cutting

Isabelle is returning to PeaceWomen/WILPF after working with ally organization, the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security. She currently splits her time between WILPF and Human Rights Watch as a consultant. With somewhat of a third foot in business management, Isabelle also helps manage a cafe on the upper west side of Manhattan. Originally from Ithaca, NY, Isabelle graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University with a bachelor's degree in Government and minors in International relations and European studies. Keen to branch out of her home town, Isabelle pursued studies in Germany and Switzerland and worked with youth organizations in Macedonia and Tanzania. Isabelle will be returning to school in the fall of 2012 for her Juris Doctor degree.