NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security: Open Letter to Members of the Security Council

Our coalition, the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, has published an Open Letter to members of the Security Council, calling for holistic action on implementation that accelerates accountability and does not undermine the agenda. 

The letter includes five key messages for Member States and Security Council members, to which we urge them to commit full political support: 

  • Take decisive action to prevent conflict, avert crisis and end war. 

  • Gender equality and the human rights of all women and girls are central to international peace and security.

  • Women’s right to full, equal and meaningful participation in all aspects of peace and security, including all formal and informal processes, must be safe-guarded and non-negotiable.

  • Defend the legitimacy of the work of all human rights defenders and their role in promoting peace and security, and condemn all attacks against them.

  • Meaningful action on women, peace and security requires recognizing the interrelated, inseparable and mutually reinforcing nature of all elements of the WPS agenda, and committing to full implementation.

Read the open letter!