Reaching Critical Will Update

Report on the Costs, Risks and Myths of Nuclear Power

Costs, risks, and myths of nuclear power: NGO world-wide study on the implications of the catastrophe at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station is a collaborative work of non-governmental researchers, scientists, and activists. It was released on 11 September 2011, six months after the disaster at Fukushima and in advance of the high-level meeting on nuclear safety and security that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will convene at the United Nations on 22 September. Its release is also timed to coincide with the UN system-wide study of the implications of Fukushima commissioned by Ban.

Conference on Disarmament

The third part of the 2011 session of the Conference on Disarmament started on 4 August in Geneva. RCW is posting all statements and documents from the Conference and provides reports after each plenary meeting. Subscribe today to make sure you stay up to date with this multilateral disarmament negotiating body.

High-level meeting on nuclear safety and security

In response to the disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a high-level meeting on 22 September 2011. Reaching Critical Will is publishing a report in advance of this meeting in early September. Additionally, the meeting will be monitored and RCW will later release a report.

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Article XIV Conference

On 23 September, CTBT states that parties will convene the seventh conference on facilitating the entry into force of the Treaty. RCW has information on NGO accreditation and will post documents online.