UN Women Update

UN Women

The Annual Session of UN Women's Executive Board will be held 27-30 June 2011.

The provisional agenda of the meeting (UNW/2011/L.2), as well as the advance unedited version of the UN-Women strategic plan 2011-2013 (UNW/2011/9), which will be adopted officially at the June session, can be found on the UN Women Website here.

UN Women is governed by an Executive Board that oversees the organization's operational activities based on policy directions set by the UN General Assembly, ECOSOC and the Commission on the Status of Women. The Board engages with the executive boards of other UN development agencies to coordinate work on gender across the UN system.

The UN Women Executive Board is made up of representatives from 41 countries around the world who serve on a rotating basis. The 41 board members are selected on the following basis: 10 from Africa, 10 from Asia, 4 from Eastern Europe, 6 from Latin America and the Caribbean, 5 from Western Europe and 6 from contributing countries.

The current Executive Board, elected on 10 November 2010, can be found here.

Additionally, the NGO Campaign for UN Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR CAMPAIGN), will be delivering a statement at the Executive Board meeting. In May, 2011, the GEAR Campaign issued a 2 page briefing paper with its recommendations for the UN Women's Strategic Plan.