WILPF at CSW 59 / Beijing +20

by Prachi Rao

Over 40 WILPFers joined thousands of activists at the 59th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) to reflect on the Beijing agreement. Twenty years after the landmark conference, commitments on gender, conflict, and peace remain lacking: women’s participation and rights continue to be excluded from peace negotiations. Militarism and armed conflict continue to negatively impact women’s rights and inhibit sustainable development and peace. Inconsistent implementation of human rights, disarmament, and Women, Peace and Security commitments continue.

WILPF held and co-sponsored 14 events in total during this year's CSW. Our panels showcased the powerful voices of women working for peace, disarmament, and women's rights from around the world. WILPF's Secretary General, Madeleine Rees, spoke at many of our events stressing that there can be no development without disarmament and reiterating the importance of having women's participation in peace negotiations for sustainable and long-lasting peace. At WILPF’s Civil Society Consultation, she stressed that peace activists must “rethink, strategize, organize and make a difference”, so that twenty years from now we are not demanding the same things.

Stay tuned for the CSW59 photo series, infographic, and read the CSW59 blog here.