#WomenBanTheBomb: Women's Power to Smash Patriarchy

Participants of the Women's March to Ban the Bomb in New York. (Photo: WILPF Reaching Critical Will)

As part of its work to stigmatise war and violence, this Saturday WILPF and partners held a historic Women’s March to Ban the Bomb.  On 17 June 2017, activists in New York and more than 150 other places around the world held marches and solidarity actions to demand that world leaders to adopt a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons once and for all. One loud message rang loud and clear: “A world without nuclear weapons is not only possible, but a necessity to our human survival.”  

The march this weekend showed that people around the world support the leadership of non-nuclear armed states in creating a nuclear-free world. Although nuclear weapons are not yet illegal under international law, the legally binding tready now being negotiated to prohibit nuclear weapons can change this. Civil society has led action to successfully ban landmines in the past.  History is on our side.  

What is next? Now, it is important to keep the momentum and demand further action! You can:

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