Feminist Alternatives: Challenge Militarism to Save our Planet


On 1 April, WILPF held a virtual parallel event, "Feminist Alternatives: Challenge Militarism to Save Our Planet". This panel was originally scheduled for CSW64. WILPF staff were joined by over 120 people from around the world for the discussion, which took place over Zoom.

Watch the recording of the virtual discussion here.

This event brought together feminist activists who are mobilizing on the inter-connnected crises of climate change, rising militarism, and capitalism. The panelists explored in depth how environmental destruction is fueled by capitalism and militarism, as well as how feminist visions can challenge these harms. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the panel also discussed how the pandemic has surfaced structural inequalities and exposed the dangers of prioritising profit and greed over people and planet.


Ray Acheson, Director of WILPF's Reaching Critical Will Programme

Nela Porobić Isaković, Coordinator of WILPF's Women Organising for Change in Bosnia Project


Moderator: Madeleine Rees, Secretary-General of WILPF

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Feminist Alternatives: Challenge Militarism to Save our Planet Flyer