In Geneva, WILPF hosted the public discussion: "10 Years On: Conflict Prevention Mechanisms for UNSCR 1325" with the NGO Working Group on Peace and Femmes Africa Solidarité, and the Beneva Centre for Security Policy in Geneva. Within this discussion of prevention, Ms. Mary Robinson of the Ethical Globalization Initiative, Ms. Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda of World YWCA, Ms. Elisabeth Rehn of the ICC, and Ms. Igballe Rugova of the Kosovo Women's Network discussed best policy and practices as well as women's participation in and access to prevention mechanisms. With an additional focus on protection, the WILPF Geneva office chaired a high-level consultation entitled "Women, Peace and Security: From Resolution to Action to the Protection Agenda Under SCR 1325/2000".

Aiming to broadcast "Stories from the ground" and connect them to policy and decision makers, WILPF's Stockholm office hosted the conference "Ten years with 1325 – What now?". Also seeking to engage the younger generation of stakeholders, Y-WILPF held a meeting in Stockholm to discuss themes of investing in peace and challenging militarism.

WILPF's PeaceWomen Project in New York City partnered with a number of other international organizations, and prepared a Peace Fair from October 25-October 29, with over 20 events and panels. The focus was on lessons learned and what still remains to be accomplished. PeaceWomen/WILPF also held a panel discussion on conflict prevention and participated in the panel discussion "From the Field to the UN Security Council". During the panel, project director Maria Butler introduced PeaceWomen/WILPF's latest publication "Women, Peace and Security Handbook ". See the Editorial for more details on WILPF's events in New York.