Meeting Report: Action on Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS: Bringing Together Research, Policy, Programming and Advocacy

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Center for Women's Global Leadership, Harvard School of Public Health

In response to the human rights and public health crises posed by both the HIV pandemic and the unabating levels of gender-based violence (GBV), policy makers, activists and programmers at international, regional and national levels have in recent years bolstered
attention to the conceptual and methodological intersections of work in these areas. The growing commitment to work on GBV (primarily in relation to violence against women) and HIV has resulted in an increased number of policy and programmatic efforts. However, the experiences, lessons learned, and challenges in conceptualizing designing, implementing, and evaluating these strategies have not been adequately explored. The value and impact of applying different conceptual frameworks to work at the intersection of these issues, in particular human rights and sexuality, suggests that more knowledge is needed as to the best
ways of working at the intersections of GBV and HIV/AIDS.

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