Middle East (S/2013/524)

Thursday, September 4, 2014
Report Analysis: 

Pursuant to General Assembly resolution 67/23 and covering the period from September 2012 to August 2013, this Report offers the observations of the

Secretary-General on the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and efforts to move the peace process forward, as well as the replies received from the parties

concerned to the notes verbales sent by the Secretary-General (including Israel, Lebanon and the Palestine Liberation Organization).

There is one reference to sex-disaggregated data, in terms of civilians killed in strikes by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza. Otherwise, there is no mention of

women, peace and security.

There is virtually no attention given to women, peace and security in this Report, and therefore, many opportunities are missed to emphasize the critical role of

women in conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts, especially in the context of resumed direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and

none of the country replies, nor the Secretary-Generals’ observations, consider the particular effects of insecurity and inaccessibility (to free movement, goods and

services) upon women and girls.

As there is only one reference to women, peace and security in the Report, there is little alignment with the most recent MAP on Israel/Palestine (August 2013). The

Report does address attacks against civilians (both Israeli and Palestinian), demolition of Palestinian residential structures and the subsequent displacement of

Palestinian people, and other violence and human rights violations, but with the exception of the one piece of sex-disaggregated data, there is no particular

consideration given to women, peace and security.

The previous SG Report of 12 September 2012 (S/2012/701) had no mention of women, peace and security.

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