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HarassMap, by harassmap.org is an inovative reporting tool for victims and witnesses of harrasment and assault in Egypt to anonymously report and share their experiences. Once reported users are offered information on support services and each report is mapped and displays the scope of assault and harrasment.  

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Our map and reporting system has many functions. It is a tool for anyone who has been harassed or assaulted and for witnesses to harassment and assault all over Egypt to anonymously share and report their experiences. We map the reports, and each report appears on the map as a red dot. When you click on the dot, the full text of the report is displayed. Looking at the map gives you an overview of where we have received reports of sexual harassment, and the individual reports show the reality and scope of sexual harassment and assault in Egypt. Each report receives a response with information on how to access free legal services and psychological counselling.

The reports help us identify trends that reveal the truth about sexual harassment so that we can challenge the myths that make people hesitate to acknowledge the problem and stand up to it. We also use the reports to prove to people that sexual harassment actually happens and to motivate them to stand up to it. Together with feedback and experience from our on the ground work, the reports provide important evidence based on which we design our work and create communications campaigns against sexual harassment that encourage people to stand up and take action against it.

View a list of all reports here.

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