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  1. NEPAL: Law Minister Pledges Justice for VAW Victims

    Minister for Law and Justice Narahari Acharya today met women' rights activists, who are staging a sit-in protest at

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014
    Pre 2015 News Archive66 304
  2. RESOURCE: Perspectives from WILPF Nepal

    Nepal is small country situated between the large country China and India.

    Friday, March 22, 2013
    Reports/Policy Briefs90 788
  3. NEPAL: Nepalese Protest Violence Against Women

    Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the prime minister's residence in Nepal for a 10th day to protest agains

    Monday, January 7, 2013
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 710
  4. NEPAL: Women Empowerment Nepal's top Development Agenda

    “Following the political change of 2006, concrete steps have been taken to empower women and increase the propo

    Thursday, October 18, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 564
  5. NEPAL: Nepal's 'Kamlari' Girls Break the Bonds of Slavery

    Shanta Chaudhary was eight years old when her parents sold her into effective slavery for $75, sending her to scrub,

    Monday, July 9, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 219
  6. NEPAL: Growing 'Entertainment' Industry Traps Nepali Girls

    Almost unnoticed, Nepal's burgeoning adult entertainment industry has been drawing young girls away from being traffi

    Sunday, July 8, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 221
  7. NEPAL: Women and Security in Nepal: New Film Highlights the Importance of Female Police Officers

    Inspired by real life events, Saferworld has produced a short film showing the important role women in Nepal can play

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 064
  8. NEPAL: Conflict and Women Victims

    The debate on development, peace and the rule of law entails the notion of reciprocity, as one is necessarily anchore

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 952
  9. NEPAL: Women and War in Nepal

    Durga´s tale

    Thursday, March 15, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 908
  10. NEPAL: Impact of Small Arms on Gender

    1. Facts:

    Small arms:

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 249
  11. NEPAL: Women and Peace at Grassroots Level in Nepal

    The ten year long armed conflict started by the Communist Party of Nepal -Maoist (CPN Maoist), with the objective of

    Monday, September 12, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 211
  12. NEPAL: Reintegration Challenges for Displaced Women, Girls

    Nepal's efforts to help conflict-affected women and girls gain a stronger footing in society may not be enough for th

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 170
  13. NEPAL: Stop Sexual Assault on Tibetan Women, TWA tells Nepal

    Tibetan Women's Association (TWA), the largest women's organisation in exile submitted a report on the treatment of T

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 090
  14. NEPAL: Nepali Woman's Long March

    When Hillary Clinton hugged Charimaya Tamang, the 34-year-old Nepali woman had reason to be proud.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 087
  15. NEPAL: Stop Torturing Women in Detention

    Advocacy Forum, an NGO working for human rights, today called on the government to exercise due diligence to prevent

    Sunday, June 26, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive64 004
  16. INTERNATIONAL/IRAQ: The Word on Women - The Other Tahrir Square

    Last week, a group of twenty-five women who were demonstrating for peace and democracy in Baghdad's Tahrir Square

    Thursday, June 16, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 988
  17. NEPAL: UK minister to assess violence against women in Nepal visit

    The UK Home Office Minister with responsibility for equality, Lynne Featherstone, is scheduled to arrive in the Capit

    Sunday, June 12, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 918
  18. NEPAL: Nepali Women Victims of Prostitution and Slavery in Arab Countries

    Hundreds of Nepalese women who emigrate to Arab countries in search of better jobs and wages, are unaccounted for.

    Thursday, June 9, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 901
  19. NEPAL/INDIA: Human Trafficking a Major Concern

    Human trafficking and rehabilitation of the rescued have emerged as major concerns for the state government.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 853
  20. NEPAL: Nepali Girls Rescued From Traffickers´ Clutches

    Had help not arrived on time, eight Nepali women would have fallen prey to traffickers, who were plotting to send the

    Saturday, May 28, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 842
  21. INTERNATIONAL: UN Group Honours Indian Campaigner Against Sex Trafficking

    Ruchira Gupta, founder and president of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an NGO working against sex trafficking, has been ho

    Saturday, May 14, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 749
  22. NEPAL: AI report: 'Nepal's Progress on HR Dismal'

    The Amnesty International (AI), in its annual report for 2010, said progress made by Nepal in upholding human rights

    Friday, May 13, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 755
  23. NEPAL: Paradigm Shift in Women's Trafficking

    Three years ago, when Indra Bahadur Sinjali of Nawalparasi returned after a weeklong trip to Baglung, daughter Lok Ma

    Sunday, May 8, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 728
  24. Pre 2015 News Archive63 693
  25. Report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, its Causes and Consequences, Rashida Manjo

    Over the past three decades, gender-based violence as a form of discrimination against women has become increasingly

    Monday, May 2, 2011
    Reports/Policy Briefs90 443
  26. NEPAL: UN Human Rights Office Urges Nepal to End all Forms of Discrimination

    The United Nations human rights office and the national commission on caste-based discrimination in Nepal have urged

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 434
  27. NEPAL: Women Workers Face Harassments

    Nepali women migrant workers (WMWs) are more vulnerable to overseas job-related risks than men because of their poor

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 442
  28. NEPAL: Nepal Commits to Post-Conflict Support and Participation

    The United Nations Security Council, in resolutions 1325 and 1820, recognized that women and girls need protection an

    Thursday, March 3, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 362
  29. NEPAL: Act Tough on Domestic Violence, says PM

    Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today directed authorities to punish anyone found perpetrating gender-based violenc

    Friday, January 21, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 131
  30. NEPAL: PM Nepal Issues Instructions to Forward Campaign Against Violence Against Women

    Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has issued instructions for taking forward the campaign against violence against wo

    Thursday, January 20, 2011
    Pre 2015 News Archive63 099
  31. NEPAL: Two Action Plans on the Cards

    The government is formulating two action plans with an objective to address the woes of those women and children who

    Saturday, December 4, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 731
  32. Across the Lines: the Impact of Nepal's Conflict on Women

    ICTJ, in collaboration with Advocacy Forum – Nepal (AF), has published a report documenting women's experiences

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010
    Reports/Policy Briefs90 169
  33. NEPAL: Improve Condition of Conflict-Hit Women: Rights Groups

    Publishing a finding on sexual violence during the conflict period, Advocacy Forum and International Center for Trans

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 721
  34. NEPAL: Eradicating Violence against Women in Nepal No Mean Feat

    Ten Nepalese women composed the first exclusively female team that first scaled Mount Everest on May 23, 2008.

    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 470
  35. NEPAL: False Promises Lure Nepali Women into Sex Trade

    Every year an estimated 10,000 Nepalese girls between the ages of nine and 16 are trafficked across India's open bord

    Sunday, September 12, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 077
  36. NEPAL: One Rape Takes Place Every 24 Hours in Nepal: Police

    If Nepal Police data is anything to go by, a rape is committed every 24 hours in the country.

    Tuesday, September 7, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 045
  37. NEPAL: Women Raped by Security Personnel During Conflict Demand Compensation

    Women who were raped by "security personnel" during the insurgency period have demanded that the government

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 323
  38. NEPAL: UN Helps Fight Against Gender Violence, Discrimination

    The United Nations is stepping up its efforts to help protect the rights of Nepalese women, who are increasingly vict

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 027
  39. NEPAL: Nepal Widows Dismiss Marriage Incentive

    Widows in Nepal are protesting against a decision by the Nepalese government to offer a cash incentive to men for mar

    Thursday, July 16, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 029
  40. NEPAL: UN Rights Office Condemns Killing of Journalist and Growing Attacks on Media

    The United Nations human rights office in Nepal deplored the brutal murder of a female journalist who was hacked to d

    Monday, January 12, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 049
  41. NEPAL: UN Urges End to Nepalese Practice of Using Young Girls as Domestic Workers

    The United Nations has urged Nepal to end the practice of sending young girls from indigenous families to work in pri

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 050
  42. Programming to Address Violence Against Women: 8 Case Studies (Volume 2)

    This is the second volume in a series that documents b

    Thursday, January 1, 2009
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 459
  43. Regional Project on Combating Child Trafficking for Labour and Sexual Exploitation (TICSA-II)

    Trafficking as an international legal concept is a twentieth century phenomenon, linked to the greater movement of pe

    Sunday, January 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 396
  44. Nepal's Victims of Trafficking Shy Away From Justice

    More Nepalese women and children are being tricked into sexual exploitation outside their country, but fewer victims

    Thursday, January 8, 2004
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 544
  45. Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women in India's Brothels

    Hundreds of thousands of women and children are employed in Indian brothels—many of them lured or kidnapped fro

    Thursday, June 1, 1995
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 122
  46. South Asian Campaign to End All Violence against Women

    The six-year, six-country, South Asian Campaign to End All Violence against Women - or the 'WE CAN" campaign - a

    Wednesday, December 31, 2003 - 19:00
    Initiatives72 125
  47. INTERVIEW: Women Have Been The Most Affected By Conflict

    “Women Have Been The Most Affected By Conflict”

    Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 19:00
    Initiatives72 887
  48. BLOG: Sex Trafficking in Nepal; It's a Global Problem

    I was privileged to sit in on an intimate lunch with Anuradha Koirala, the founder of Maiti Nepal.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 20:00
    Initiatives73 273
  49. STATEMENT: NEPAL: Criminalizing Torture and Bringing it to an End: a Test for Nepal's Democracy

    Every year, 26 June marks the day to remember and renew our support to those who have been victims of torture worldwi

    Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 20:00
    Initiatives73 299
  50. BLOG: Day 14: Gender Violence In Nepal: A Practice Of The State?

    It is difficult to differentiate between violence committed by State actors, violence supported by the State and viol

    Monday, December 10, 2012 - 19:00
    Initiatives73 549