WPS 2015 High Level Review: Share your voices by March 31st!

by Ghazal Rahmanpanah

2015 is a monumental year for the Women, Peace and Security agenda, marking the 15th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Security Council High-Level Review of Women, Peace and Security. Now more than ever, it is critical to take action by recognizing and addressing existing gaps, amplifying the voices of grassroots organizations worldwide focused on the Women, Peace and Security agenda, and increasing opportunities for women’s meaningful participation and rights in both conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

You can get involved by being  a part of the 2015 Global Study! If you are a civil society activist working on gender, conflict, or Women, Peace and Security issues, you can:

  • Contribute to an open forum, created through collaboration between UN Women and WILPF PeaceWomen, by submitting resources such as policy briefs or papers with strategic recommendations. Learn more about how to submit resources here. Deadline is March 31st!
  • Share your valuable views through the Civil Society Organization Survey.
  • Come to WILPF's 100th in the Hague April 27-29 and participate in open civil society consultation. Register here!

Now is the time that we turn our commitments into accomplishments through engagement and mobilization as we work hard to forge a new peace agenda for the 21st century. Make sure your voice is heard—submit to both the Survey and Resources by March 31st .