What Can You Do?

Do you want to get involved in the work of civil society organisations and women leaders around the world to implement the Women, Peace and Security Agenda?
Here you can find ways to be involved and join civil society from the local, national, international or online level, in order to promote peace and freedom.  

Raise your Voice: Advocate for Women, Peace and Security Implementation

  • Engage in campaigns and write to national and international policy-makers. The Security Council members have responsibility for international peace and security, and need to hear constructive recommendations for action from civil society;

  • Use social media to share reports, advocacy tools, infographics, hashtags, and other resources that push the Women, Peace and Security Agenda forward.

Generate Awareness and Networks

  • Organise workshops and events to raise awareness;

  • Share information, reports, policy briefs, and campaigns on Women, Peace and Security. Find resources in our Resource Center;

  • Share Women, Peace and Security initiatives, campaigns, or resources posted on Twitter and Facebook pages.

Learn about the Women Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda

  • Learn here how the Women, Peace and Security agenda is implemented nationally and regionally through National Action Plans (NAPs) and Regional Action Plans (RAPs);

  • Follow here to learn about the activity at the UN Security Council;

  • Learn about WILPF initiatives and events;

  • Learn here about women’s rights and women’s organisations all around the world in our Country Profile sections;

  • Learn about the work of WILPF sections;

  • Download the WILPF's Mobile App here.

In school? Here are some ideas

  • Write an article for your student newspaper;

  • Invite someone to come to speak at your school or community on Women, Peace and Security or hold a brown bag lunch;

  • Encourage your school administrators to have a course or reading material on conflict prevention and resolution for women and Women, Peace and Security;

  • Hold a Film Festival about Women, Peace and Security;

  • Focus your essays or other writing assignments on current Women, Peace and Security issues;

  • Start a Women, Peace and Security Group at your campus;

  • Bring together diverse women's groups.

Join the movement

  • Become a member of WILPF. When you become a member, you join an international community of passionate women struggling to create a world of peace and justice by taking action to prevent all forms of war, militarisation, and violence. Join WILPF today!

Join the Conversation Online

If you have any suggestion on how to get involved or want to tell us about your experience, contact us!