ANALYSIS: You Get What You Pay For, Argentina (Part of the 16 Day Campaign)

Isabelle Cutting, PeaceWomen
Sunday, October 31, 2010 - 20:00
South America
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Argentina's military expenditures are 8% of its GDP.

While ranking 53rd amongst highest national military budgets, with this money, the government could

• Cover the costs of ½ year of public health
• Or cover those who currently pay out-of-pocket for private health care for three years.

Argentina last spent $54.8 billion dollars on Arms Imports (in 2010 constant USD).

With this money, the government could:

• Send over 45,000 students to tertiary school.
• Or send over 31,000 to secondary school.
• Or send over 48,000 children to primary school.
• Or cover the costs of little girls who are of age but out of primary school for 1 ½ years.

Figures at a glance: Argentina


344.143 billion USD

Military Spending

8% GDP

Arms import (1990 USD constant)

32 million USD

Arms Imports 2010 USD

54.8 million USD

National Public Health Costs

5.1% GDP

National Private Health Costs

4.9% GDP

Percent of private health paid out-of-pocket


National Public Education Costs

5.5% GDP

Expenditure per Student for Primary Education

13.21% per capita GDP

Expenditure per Student for Secondary Education

20.30% per capita GDP

Expenditure per Student for Tertiary Education

14.24% per capita GDP

Number of female pupils out of school (primary)


Total Population

40.134 million

Data available at SIPRI ( and Trading Economics (

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