ANGOLA: Deputy Culture Minister Defends Gender Equality

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Southern Africa
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Human Rights

Angola's deputy minister of Culture, Cornélio Caley, Wednesday in Luanda, called the society to reflect on matters of gender, in order to avoid man's superiority over woman, in the light of the challenges of humanity, harmony at home and respect for the fellow creature, Angop learnt.

Cornélio Caley, who was speaking during a talk on Angolan woman's role in post-independence period, in allusion to the African Women International Day, July 31, said women and men must stand on the same plan of the national juridical order, and should for
that matter have mutual respect.

"Woman emancipation appears as a revolution in the minds of everyone, men and women.

This needs a change of behaviour and minds", the deputy minister said, adding that the two to complement each other, instead of a relation of submission in which one is superior.

Cornélio Caley said woman education will secure her success in the market economy and thus change the relation of superiority and inferiority.