COLOMBIA: National Summit of Women for Peace Starts in Colombia

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Prensa Latina
South America
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Reconstruction and Peacebuilding

About 400 Colombian women, representing all the political sectors, ethnic groups and organizations in the country will exchange here, since Wednesday until Friday, proposals and national and international experiences on the construction of a stable and lasting peace.

The main issue of the summit is the signing, implementation and checking of agreements, which item is contained in the point of the agenda tackled by the government and FARC-EP in the conversation table in Havana, its headquarters since November 19, 2012.

There will be also experts from Australia, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Ireland and Uganda which have researched and experienced the complexion of conflicts or peace construction in other parts of the world.

The main objective is to call the Colombian society to participate actively in the post-conflict stage, after the possible signing of the general agreement that will put an end to a war of more than 50 years that have left between four and five million displaced, 220,000 deaths and 25,000 missing.

Organized by nine organizations and females networks, the Summit has the logistical and technical support of the UN representation in Bogotá and collaboration of different international entities.

According to the program, there will be two panels that will tackle, from a gender perspective, transitional justice or a group of legal and political measures, from a conflict situation, that involves legal actions, Truth Commission, repairing programs and various institutional reforms.