CONFERENCE: First National Women's Congress meets in Peru

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 19:00
South America
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The city of friendship, Chiclayo, Peru, was the place chosen for the South America Region's first National Women's Congress, "Extraordinary Women," February 3-6.

The event was historic for the Peru area as it is the first congress organized by Women's Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Lourdes Palacios de Rimarachin.

More than 500 women attended the opening service with speaker Lonna Vopat, of the U.S., who spoke with a passion that shows the change in her life since her encounter with Jesus Christ. Vopat touched the hearts of many of the women who could see themselves reflected in her testimony, Palacios de Rimarachin said.

In the following days, Myriam Pozzi, regional coordinator of Women's Ministries, presented the philosophy of Women's Ministries, and the workshop "Characteristics of a Woman that God Uses," challenging women to get involved in ministry and carry forth the Great Commission.

Field Strategy Coordinator Segundo Rimarachin presented the workshop "The Steps of Discipleship," emphasizing the importance of evangelizing with a purpose so as to achieve good results.

Step by step, he taught that women also can make Christlike disciples in the nations.

Additional workshops included "Organizing Women's Ministries" with Pastor Lourdes Palacios, "Love Approved by God" with Pastor Gladis Bereche, "How to help Abused Women," and craft sessions.

In addition to the services and workshops, there were district competitions for sword drill, Bible quizzing, and volleyball. The Amazonas District won the sword drill, the Utcubamba District won the scripture memorization contest, the Pacifico Norte District won the Bible quiz, and the Alto Marañón District won the volleyball competition.

There also was a talent competition where the participants performed their best pieces.

A high note of the congress was a girl named Marianita Sarmiento (Marianita de Cristo), from the Comas Nazarene church of the Peru Central District. Sarmiento praised the name of Christ each night, pleasing the crowd with a melodious voice and a purity appropriate for her age, Palacios de Rimarachin said.

The congress concluded on Sunday, February 6, with a communion service.

The time shared by this beautiful group of "Extraordinary Women" was very special, and they left renewed and filled with the Spirit of God to continue sharing the light of their lives in their homes, churches, and communities, Palacios de Rimarachin said.