Ensuring Justice and Governance in the Post-2015 Development Goals

Friday, October 3, 2014
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The inter‐governmental negotiations of the Post‐2015 Development Agenda is entering a critical stage. The Open
Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals (OWG SDG) has released an outcome document that includes
17 goals and 169 targets. Meanwhile, the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development
Financing (ICESDF) also released a report with recommendations to be reviewed by the UN General Assembly this
year. The UN Secretary General is expected to produce a synthesis report based on those inputs in late 2014. His
report will be the basis for inter‐governmental negotiations which are scheduled to begin in January 2015 and
continue until new development goals for 2016‐2030 are adopted at the next General Assembly in September 2015.

Issues related to justice and governance are reflected in the proposed goal No 16 in the outcome document of the
OWG SDG, “To promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all
and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”

During the OWG process, Goal 16 was one of the most contentious issues and it is expected to be the case in the next
phase of negotiations. Many CSOs have advocated access to justice and democratic and accountable governance as
priority issues in the Post‐2015 development process, as we believe that access to justice, rule of law, peace, and
human security are crucial elements that must be part of a universal and transformative Post‐2015 agenda. Civil
society organizations and networks will continue working to ensure that access to justice and governance are kept as
a high level ambition in the Post 2015 Development Agenda.

INFID, Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and Asia Demcoracy Network (ADN) as well as Beyond 2015 will hold an open
forum on justice and governance under the theme “Ensuring Justice and Governance in Post‐2015 Development
Agenda.” The purpose of this forum are :

1) To highlight the importance of just and accountable governance in the Post‐2015 development goals; ;
2) To link the local experiences of just and accountable governance in Indonesia and others to the international
agenda and goals setting process.
3) To build strategic partnerships to maintain and strengthen a just and accountable governance in the intergovernmental

The anticipated outcome of this forum will be recommendations regarding the proposed goal 16, and strategic
partnerships among participants to promote justice and governance in the 2015 development goals.