Report of the Secretary-General on The situation in Afghanistan and its implication for international peace and security A/66/855 - S/2012/462

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Report Analysis: 
  • The report discusses relevant political, security, and regional cooperation developments, human rights, implementation of the Kabul process and aid coherence, governance and rule of law, development and humanitarian assistance, counter-narcotics, and mission support.

  • The Secretary-General notes that the situation in Afghanistan remained challenging, particularly in reference to peace and reconciliation efforts, with insurgency, impunity, corruption, criminality and increasing narcotics production and trafficking.

  • The report reflects the June MAP recommendations regarding the role of women in the peace and transition process, the protection of women during conflict, and in highlighting how women and girls are differently affected by the conflict in Afghanistan.

Analysis provided by the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security.

Security Council Agenda Geographical Topic: 
Report covers activities of the United Nations in Afghanistan, including significant humanitarian, development, and human rights efforts, since the previous report issued on 5 March 2012 (A/66/728-S/2012/133) pursuant to General Assembly resolution 2041 (2012).